Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's December

Well, I didn't end up filling in the spaces towards the end of the fishing season. It ended well with several days floating peacefully around the bay in the fog with my flyrod, hooking up almost every cast. Then it ended.

But so busy doing other things that I was secretly happy to see the fish go away. You see, when they are around I am anxious and feel that I am always missing something if I am not casting a line. So, naturally, when they leave I feel focused on whatever else I am doing. And these days it is basically surviving.

The oysters and other endeavors are going well and it still feels good to be spending just about every day on the water here in Duxbury. The season never ends when you are on the water all the time. Really. I can't explain it, but the warps, and the gradual change in season is almost imperceptible on the daily basis. It flows so seemlessly but goes much faster. I am already feeling behind for my spring time tasks.

Tonight there is a new moon and it is dark as ink out there. It is 32 degrees and raining. I hear the rain on the roof right now. Supposed to change to sleet off and on. Sleet, yay. Nothing like an inch or two of sleet. But no matter, only the wind screws me up.

Not sure where this is going, so more later.


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