Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Luck

Tuesday, June 12

It was an interesting morning. Flat calm at first light. First cast and first fish: 33". This was taken on the surface on a homemade jumping minnow – the same one that has been described in many of my posts…I am wondering when it will finally succumb to a broken line or poorly applied knot. My first stop proved to be a good choice. Not only because I landed a beauty on the first cast, but also these guys were going ballistic (out of water) on every other retrieve. Eventually I moved to another spot only a few hundred meters away and within a few casts I landed another keeper at 29". There were a few smaller fish in the mix, but mostly large fish. But the weather changed abruptly and amazingly. Right after landing the first fish the wind went from 0 to 20 out of the NNW and this occurred within a mere 10 seconds. Minutes later the bay was capping. I took a break from fishing to check my lobster pots (7 keepers). Then on the way in I found a big, dense school of hickory shad and had some fun with them for a half hour before heading in. Driving to CT this morning with a cooler of fish and lobsters.

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