Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Man Gets Morning Shower From Fleeing Fish

Saturday 6/9

Early up and out. I almost bagged out thinking that the wind and fog might not work out well. But Joel, who crashed out on the futon, was fired up. So we went out. It was a bit misty but calm. The tide was still rising for a 6:15 high which meant that we could have some action for an hour, then it might slack off at high tide for a little while. But the action was fairly consistent throughout the morning. The usual spots around Saquish and the Bug produced some nice explosions on the surface and we also had luck on rubber shads and Fin-S lures. No keepers landed but a couple were hooked and subsequently lost. One fish grabbed my surface plug just a few feet from the boat, turned, and B-lined out and away at a tremendous speed, sending an explosion of water everywhere. This one was big too. I only enjoyed the fight for 10 seconds as the hook was not well placed. The event entertained Joel thoroughly of course, and I am sure his voice was heard in Snug Harbor.

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